Halloween (2018)



I can’t really begin to describe how excited I was to watch this film. I am a huge horror film fan and I absolutely love slasher films from the 70s and onwards. The original Halloween is superb and fantastic and embodies everything I like about horror. The franchise has had its ups and downs, more so downs than ups. So when this fresh take was announced and the idea of it retconning virtually everything after the original was put out there, I was hyped. Having now seen it after its opening night premiere, I can safely say I am extremely pleased with this film. Still actually buzzing from it.

The film takes place forty years after the events of the original. Laurie Strode is somewhat estranged from her family because of her paranoia and obsession with Michael Myers and what she believes is his return. In actuality though, Myers breaks off of a prison bus and begins a murderous spree which finds him back in Haddonfield and face to face with Laurie once again. Jamie Lee Curtis and the original Michael Myers (Nick Castle) return to this film. Interestingly comedy duo David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are involved in the creation of this sequel.

John Carpenter was involved in creating the score for this film which I loved. It brings the air of familiarity, and the breath of glorious synth to the score. I loved the return of Castle and the mindless killing spree of Michael Myers. He is at his best, no emotion whatsoever and an unwavering dedication to hunt. He is menacing and the shape for sure here. He is super hard to kill but is still realistic in this unlike many of the sequels. Curtis delivers a great performance and brings everything to the final showdown between the two.

Listen, some of the characters are stupid as expected and others you just want to see die. But then you find yourself rooting for the main heroines. Its incredible really feeling so into the fate of the characters. I didn’t know much about Andi Matichak prior to this film but can we please cast her in everything, good lord I adored her. The film is successful at setting itself apart from the other sequels and having a face of its own and still does homage to the original. Peep the orange block letter opening and closing credits.

The film does a fantastic job of bringing the kills for blood thirsty viewers and being of fan service for long standing fans of the series. I think its easily the best sequel of the series, which is an incredible feat after about ten films. Not sure how I feel about a sequel but I loved this as its own entity. Its not as good as the original, I don’t think anything will be but the film does so much right that I am happy with what I saw. Kudos to Green , McBride and Blumhouse. They managed to do something so many have failed at before.


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