Best F(r)iends Volume 1 (2018)


Best F(r)iends Volume 1

Tommy Wiseau is a national treasure. I love The Room. its phenomenal. Its obviously terrible but its probably the best worst movie ever made. I didn’t think the trailer for Best F(r)iends was a real thing. Seeing Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau reuniting for a film, that’s amazing. I tried to catch this in its very limited theatrical run but here we are the time has come for me to see this. Its not amazing or anything but its exactly what you want from this project involving the pair.

The film is about a drifter who is down out of luck and how his life changes when he meets an odd and eccentric mortician. The mortician gives him a job and the pair become friends. The drifter takes advantage of an opportunity and sells gold teeth that the mortician has saved up and realizes that they could make a fortune off of it. The pair enjoy success at first but soon their friendship is tested. Loyalty, betrayal, trust, all of it is explored in this tale. Interestingly, Sestero himself wrote this picture in a very brief screenplay.

The film isn’t the most smartly written for sure and I think its purposeful. The odd nature of Wiseau and his terrible delivery is on full display here and its turned up to 11. I dug that; the film shouldn’t really be taken seriously and its understood the goofy nature of the story itself and the oddball that is Wiseau. Yet just seeing the two on screen together and being able to play off each other was fun to see. I am actually curious to see the second part of this film, I never know I needed this.

This film definitely won’t be for everybody. I can imagine casual filmgoers won’t find the enjoyment they seek in this. Why should they? Its not very good. This film is for the people (like me) who loved The Room and the lore that comes with it. That film is the most quotable ever and the bare minimum is delivered in this film. And that minimum standard is to see Wiseau being Wiseau and not making any sense. Bring on Volume 2. The wait is tearing me apart.



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