Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)


Fahrenheit 11/9

I love a good Michael Moore documentary. Bowling for Columbine, Sicko, Where to Invade Next, and of course, Fahrenheit 9/11. When I first heard about this and how soon it was coming out I was very interested. As an American of course I heavily was invested in the political scene all throughout 2017-2018 and the madness prior and after the election. After seeing this film, I feel like it remained eye-opening, even with a lot of the information being common knowledge. I highly recommend this for everyone except maybe people who lean towards the right.

The film explores the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It also shows a brief glimpse of his history and what got him to that point. The film also goes to Flint, Michigan and their clean water crisis. The film also touches on gun violence and the recent Stoneman Douglas School shooting. Of course, this was expected as Michael Moore is an avid spokesperson against gun violence. There is a lot covered in this documentary and I think it breezed through because it engulfs, captivates, and even horrifies you from beginning to end.

What I really liked about this film besides the deserved criticism of Trump is the fact that it also goes in and pokes at Bill Clinton and yes, even Barack Obama. It shows things that they did that make you scratch your head and think about the system we live in and how similar the parties really are. I found the portions about what Flint, Michigan was going through to be insane and enraging. Michael Moore is a master at jerking a reaction from the viewers and he does a darn good job of getting one here. The crowd in my theater broke into comments of rage and applause here and there.

it was hard not to get some chills at some point. This is an important film all around, it just is. The countries climate is explained fairly well here and it still is a country divided. Its message of focusing the energy and fixing the issue is important, but where to start? I think this film somehow managed to exceed its expectations. Its worth a watch for everyone, I change what I said earlier everyone in the country should see it and form an opinion. The low reviews on IMDB already make me know people aren’t watching it and bashing it prior to seeing it and giving it a chance.


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