American Animals (2018)


American Animals

Everyone knows I love Moviepass so I had to check out the first film from MoviePass Ventures. I generally love heist movies. Whether they are serious or have a comedic element to it, if done right it could be very worthwhile. With American Animals I didn’t know what to expect because I decided to go in blind without any knowledge or expectations. The film offers a different but effective method of storytelling and is fairly intense. Its good.

The film covers the true story of four young men who decide to steal a book of rare prints and books from a library at Transylvania University. The film covers the group meeting each other, how they plan out the job, the actual recreation of the event, and the aftermath and effects of the crime. The film blends recreation with real life documentary style input of the real four men who committed the crime.

I thought having the men tell the story to the camera throughout the film, would be distracting. It wasn’t though. It was actually very welcome to see the real faces of the men who committed the incident and the emotional toll it took. I think the cinematography is gritty at times, the camera is in your face and does well to convey the real consequences and feelings associated with the event. I found elements of the actual crime funny, though I don’t think it was meant to be.

The stakes are not high in this film. Apart from the lives of the four men being ruined, there isn’t that much more at stake. This was refreshing and kept the film loose and slightly not serious, despite being a serious film. It goes without saying that the film is also very well acted. There’s a few familiar faces, and all act the part. Its a fun film that really gets into top gear when the robbery attempt occurs.


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