Upgrade (2018)



Not a lot of buzz was made about this film which kind of landed in theaters with no hype. I saw one trailer at some point and knew I wanted to check it out. Logan Marshall-Green isn’t exactly someone who is a leading man. Ryan Atwood’s brother and a role in Prometheus are his most notable roles. So it was nice to see him as a lead, and a lesser known cast in this film. Overall, I felt the plot can be tweaked at some points but its a fun film.

The film is about a man named Grey, who becomes paraplegic after he and his wife were attacked by a group of hitmen. He is approached by a tech innovator who puts a device in his body which allows him to walk and control his limbs again.. in a way. The device is actually a smart system called STEM and sometimes STEM is allowed to take over, especially when Grey is in danger. Grey uses this newfound ability to track down the men who killed his wife.

Insidious: Chapter 3 wasn’t overly memorable for me so I feel like this film is where Leigh Whannell puts a stamp on his film making style. The action scenes are excellent when they come. The chase and combat on screen are stellar. The film does well to use its futuristic setting to set a landscape for the film, which itself still feels modern. The film also has humor at the right times. Its not overbearing but when it comes it feels right.

My main concerns with the film was the underdeveloped side characters and there’s a bit of convenience when need be. The plot feels like it could have been worked in a less cloudy manner but its not a major detraction from the rest of the effort. Its a surprisingly different effort. We’ve seen this type of film before but the film still seems to remain fresh and fun. Not really a title people are going to talk about this year but its good fun and that’s good enough.


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