How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2018)


How To Talk to Girls at Parties

This film came out today in a very limited release but its something I was always going to see because I love Elle Fanning. I kind of forgot that this was a sci-fi inspired comedy. The film has a typically committed performance from Elle Fanning and a very interesting concept and clash between a quirky cult and British punks. Its certainly creative but does not always hit its highs despite having a lot going for it.

The film follows three young kids who are used very into the London pop scene of the 60’s. One night they stumble across a house party. Once they go in they see very odd individuals who are very odd, dressed in bright colors, and fairly sexual. It turns out this group are actually aliens exploring Earth and its people The main lead Enn, meets a young girl and hits it off with her as she tries to understand his world and falls in love with him.

Thought the premise for this film was strong and added color and humor to the film. However, the film does feel stretched thin at some points. Its not a shock as Neil Gaiman’s short story of the same name is about twenty pages long. Liberties had to be taken and I found a good portion to be enjoyable. The alien plotline and their motives do get muddled though as its not very clear and seems to have too much complexity for the film to handle.

I think the best part of the film was Elle Fanning as the alien. She really is able to transform into that role of a young alien who is trying to learn how the world works and how love works. She also undergoes a shift when she discovers “punk”. I’m happy I watched it as its quite unique. The film hits a wall at times but recovers well enough. Also, Nicole Kidman is ace in it.


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