Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)


Pacific Rim Uprising

When I first saw this trailer, I was like “wow this looks like crap.” It looked remarkably unspectacular, and the annoying repetition of that 2Pac song did not help. The first film was just okay. I’ll say this over and over, Guillermo Del Torro is a fantastic visual filmmaker, but his films plots are always lacking. That was the case for Pacific Rim. Seeing that he departed and his script for the sequel was revised left me with less hope for this film. As it is though, I have seen it. Its about what I expected quality wise but it gets the basic job of delivering giant monster vs robot action.

The film follows the son of Stacker Pentecost, Jake (played by John Boyega). He is a former Jaeger pilot and is taken back into piloting Jaeger’s when a threat of rogue Jaegers and new Kaiju re-surfaces. He also befriends a young girl named Amara, who is quick to learn how to maneuver a Jaeger. Just attempting to summarize the plot of this film was painful since the terminology sounds so dumb. Basically, it follows the events of the first film ten years later.

Robot v monster action is on point. Its the least we expected and we got it. The action scenes are fun enough. I didn’t really care for so much back story of characters so the character involvement and the “human element” of the film was not very interesting. The film is quite bland outside. Charlie Day returns in the film and is part of a plot point that I thought was kind of dumb. The story isn’t anything groundbreaking but its not like this was expected. I also can’t get into the universe of the Jaeger robots. They all look the same to me, and I can’t remember their special names.

This is at least a much more entertaining version of the last two Transformers films. Its also more coherent in its action and story, which really isn’t hard to do. Its a good enough fil debut for a director taking the reigns from a well established filmmaker.  I know the film series is attempting to build another film. I’d rather not but its not really in my control. I’ll tune in but I hope for a massive turnaround.


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