Unsane (2018)



As soon as I heard about this film I was super excited. That’s always the case when there is a new Steven Soderbergh film out. Definitely a solid filmmaker who is consistent and fairly innovative. Loved his recent Side Effects and Logan Lucky. This seemed like a different take in the vein of Shutter Island and a bit like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I also liked the style of filming that was immediately visible from the trailer. After seeing this film, I’m happy to say I actually liked it a lot. I’m looking forward to unpacking this one.

The film is about a business women named Sawyer (played by Claire Foy) who is involuntarily committed to a facility. Her attempts of explaining herself and checking out are thwarted. She also soon starts seeing a man who had previously been stalking her and starts blurring the lines of reality. She tries her best to seem sane to leave the facility, but things become hard for her as the days go by. The film also stars Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharaoh, and Juno Temple.

I do love when Steven Soderbergh uses an alias for cinematography in his own picture. That’s the same case here. The film is shot entirely with an iPhone 7. I love the filming style because it aids to the heightened paranoia and claustrophobia of the facility. I know filming with an iPhone was done before with Sean Baker’s Tangerine, but that doesn’t change the fact that Soderbergh uses a similar method to perfection. It felt a bit like Lynch’s Inland Empire as well. The film is absolutely engorging from the get go. The film’s trailer is a bit misleading but I won’t go into that and its by no means a bad thing.

The film does so well to build suspense and real emotion. You become a part of the film. Its also incredibly scary. Can you imagine being in a similar position where you are involuntarily committed with no escape and no one to believe you. The film isn’t so much about if Sawyer is insane or not but its about her strength and will to survive and get out of the facility and escape this possible stalker.

I haven’t seen much of Claire Foy, but holy high hell she is so good in this. Excellent and I can imagine that this role is something very far from portraying the Queen on The Crown. I know there will be people who will dislike this film and style but I loved it in all honesty. Its not perfect and isn’t as complex as it could appear but its one thrilling film with excellent performances. Pleasantly happy with yet another Soderbergh effort. Will re-watch for sure.


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