Love, Simon (2018)


Love, Simon

Been hearing some good things about this film. Trailer did peak my interest. Nick Robinson is certainly a rising star today as I’m starting to see him get leading roles after appearing in Jurassic World. This actually might be the first coming of age film based on a gay teenager and his romance. Therefore, I had to see if it would live up to the quick hype that was built up for this. I’d say its a very solid film that handles its characters, plots, and humor quite well.

Simon is a seemingly regular teenager (as narrated by himself) but he has a giant secret that he is hiding. He is actually gay and struggling to come out to his family and friends. He befriends an anonymous gay teenager from his school, through email. A fellow classmate finds out that Simon is gay and thus starts blackmailing Simon for favors. Simon must decide whether he wants to come out or give in to the demands to keep his life the way its been.

The humor in this film is present but never overbearing. As mentioned earlier the film balances themes quite well. Its a strong likable performance all around from Nick Robinson. You are swept along on the trip of trying to find out who the other boy that Simon is chatting too, really is. I kept reading people comparing it to the John Hughes films of the 80’s and I do agree to a sense in the feel of the film but I think its also just a well made current teenage film. Its not overly unique, but I do feel like it has its own stamp.

My only gripes with the film is that it does feel quite long and near the end you can feel the wear of it. Still, I think all involved in this project could be proud of the outcome. Judging by the early reception for the film, I can see it becoming a bit of a cult classic especially for its LGBTQ theme and use of diversity. Its a fun and safe time despite having to deal with big issues.



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