Tomb Raider (2018)


Tomb Raider

It should be no secret that I absolutely love Alicia Vikander. She is so beautiful and is extremely talented as well. As soon as I heard that Tomb Raider was getting rebooted with her as Lara Croft, I was so game. I played one of the PS one Tomb Raider’s way back when (didn’t get very far in it though). Didn’t care much for the Tomb Raider series with Angelina Jolie and was hoping this film could head in a better direction and be of better quality than that. I wasn’t disappointed with this. Its flawed and could have been better for sure, but its fun for what it was.

Lara Croft’s life is changed when her aunt says she will inherit her fathers rich inheritance, since he had disappeared years ago and was now assumed to be dead. Her father leaves her a puzzle and so she finds out about her fathers research chasing the myth of Himiko, who had the power of life over death. Basically, Croft goes on an adventure to find out more about this mystery and what had happened to her father. The film also enlists the talents of Walton Goggins who is always good.

I love Vikander as Croft. Her dedication to the role and all around performance is the best. Unlike the Lara Croft we see in the Jolie films, we are seeing Croft on her first real adventure. She gets beat up, thrown around, and is running around from consistent danger. She has no stopping, its pure adrenaline action when she’s on screen. The origin story itself isn’t the best, especially when you get deeper into the tomb and find out about the myth. It requires a suspension of believe, as you have to do with a lot of the action scenes in the film. Its still a fine decent little action film. The scenery looks good and Vikander finally gets to shine as an action star. While she is great, some of the characters are very cliched and uni dimensional.

The film has storytelling flaws, is slightly long, and may show signs of wear as the film moves along. Its still a step in thee right direction for a franchise that wasn’t very good. I see it as a film that’s meant to be non serious and a vehicle to create another strong athletic female heroine. Its fun, just turn off your brain and enjoy a fun popcorn flick. And definitely enjoy Alicia in action.




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