Game Night (2018)


Game Night

On a week where I didn’t want to check out A Wrinkle In Time because it looks quite bad, I decided to watch something I missed a few weeks back. I heard it was quite a solid comedy and was down for some fun. Trailer looked decent enough, and the film had a good cast to boot. Jason Bateman works so well in comedic roles where he is the everyday straight laced man, and it’s ALWAYS nice to see Rachael McAdams. Overall, the film is entertaining and funny; basically everything it should be.

The film is about¬† a group of friends who hang out by doing a “game night”. One time when the main character Max’s richer and more successful brother comes to town, game night gets taken up a notch. The game becomes a real life experience with the involvement of dangerous armed man and an exchange for a valuable item. Once the crew realize that the events are no longer part of the game they realize they need to see things out an rescue Max’s brother from imminent danger.

The film packs laughs in many places. Most comedies these days really fail at doing that. It has a lot to do with the sharp writing and the talented cast performances. I never knew I needed to see Jesse Plemons as the creepy cop who lives next door, but wow he nails it. There are even unexpected twists that don’t seem too obvious. It blends humor and action very well. I didn’t want the film to end because its never really dull. All the characters are fairly likeable and the film definitely has a re-watchable vibe.

I’m interested in future collaborations of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. They misfired with the Vacation remake, but they crafted a great, smart, and funny film from a premise that is fairly simple. Trailer gives a lot of the best moments away but you will still live the cinema content with this effort. Good choice for a relaxing Saturday evening, I’d say.


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