Paddington 2 (2018)


Paddington 2

Our favorite adorable marmalade loving bear is back for a sequel. I actually really liked the first Paddington a few years back. Its not perfect, but its got an adorable talking bear and is a sweet film that both children and adults can enjoy. I had no problems with a sequel coming out because the same cast and director were back on board and it still felt like there were avenues of adventure that could be explored. Overall, the sequel is close in quality to the first. Its a fun film that is sure to make you feel pleased and a little happier in our life.

In the sequel, Paddington is wrongfully imprisoned after he is mistaken as a thief of an ancient book that was stolen by a deceitful actor (played by Hugh Grant). Paddington must find a way out of prison while reuniting with his family. The sequel also enlists the help of Brendan Gleeson who is actually a good integral part to the entertainment of the film. Other than that, its a real solid follow up to a first film that was filled with innocent fun and escapism.

All the scenes with Paddington and his incarceration are very entertaining. Its impossible to hate this bear. His comments and mannerisms are just so delightful. I can’t think of many film characters that are as cute as this bear. Other children’s films offer characters who are meant to make that impression, and while it may work for the kids, it doesn’t always resonate with me. The film is probably lighter in story than the first but I didn’t care much for that because I don’t expect  whole lot from a film that could easily be designed to just cater to young children.

Obviously the film isn’t perfect and its possible to point holes at the plot at many points. Its come in a month (January) which surprisingly has provided some solid works which isn’t always the case. Just turn off your brain and enjoy the film for what it is. That way, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable time. I’m very down with a third film. For now, this film series has got legs and can keep going.


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