Mute (2018)



I don’t usually check out Netflix films as I’ve mentioned a million times before. I saw Mute on the list of newly released, heard bad things and didn’t think twice. I then realized the film is by Duncan Jones. He is by no means my favorite director. Warcraft was a piece of unbearable crap but its the phenomenal Moon which made me want to check this out. Mute was also dubbed as a “spiritual successor” to Moon, so I was so in for it.

The film is about a mute bartender whose girlfriend mysteriously disappears and his quest to find her. Entangled are a few curious characters including two surgeons who have their hands dirty and the owner of a club. The film is futuristic and set in a gritty world. Think Blade Runner. The film is actually really trying to emulate the feel of Blade Runner (even admitted by Jones himself). The film is no Blade Runner though; not close. I don’t think its as bad as some people say it is but its still a forgettable sci fi film that falls flat.

There’s a bit of intrigue to the characters quest in finding his missing girlfriend. That intrigue dies fast though. There aren’t really any likeable or identifiable characters and the film seems like a mishmash of a bunch of ideas that doesn’t really work. The ending also isn’t worth the entire 2+ hour running length. The world created by Jones is nice to look at, despite being reminiscent of many similar films that have come before.

There is also a connection to Moon, although brief. Apparently, Jones is planning a loose trilogy. Mute isn’t the worst sci-fi film I’ve seen or anything close. It’s acceptable but not great. I find it problematic because its not a good follow up to something like Moon though, as that film was immensely superior. The plot and how it unfolds could definitely use re-working. Doesn’t really offend me though, at the end of the day its a Netflix film so expectations are never high.


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