The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)


The Cloverfield Paradox

I like many others was wondering what the heck happened to God Particle, until I watched the Superbowl and realized that the title of the film was changed and the film was now going to be released on the same night on Netflix. I love the original Cloverfield (one of my favorite movies ever) and was impressed enough by 10 Cloverfield Lane. I was mixed on this film not going to theaters because it was something I was looking forward to doing, but then again I was hyped for some answers (like the trailer stated it would give). SPOILER REVIEW AHEAD DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED.

The film takes place in a space station where the crew is trying to find a way to harness energy which is needed on Earth. After a mishap, the travel to a parallel dimension and encounter a crew member who claims to be from that dimension. On Earth, one of the crew member’s husband seems to be in a world where a monster attack or a disaster occurred and is trying to survive in the world. Sounds vague doesn’t it? Well it is, and the film is an absolute mess of a disappointment.

The acting performances are good. However, the film borrows a lot from other isolated space films (there’s elements of Alien, Life, and Gravity in it). I dug the idea of a parallel dimension but what occurs in this film just complicates the Cloverfield universe and its timeline and mystique. The film brings up ideas of different dimensions and the final scene will make you wonder if the same planet from the first film is the one even being referenced. They need to stop with the over-complicated dimensional thought and provide answers.

The scripts are clearly independent scripts that are being then re shot with scenes to link it to Cloverfield. That’s the case with the second and this film. It hurts the series massively because the link is actually quite minuscule. This is probably an ambitious lower level space thriller on its own, but linking it to Cloverfield just makes it worse. Also, the Superbowl ad is very misleading not leading to any answers to the monster’s origins. Its all still guesswork even after 102 minutes. Its unnecessary to the series, and having the Cloverfield name slapped on to a film that barely relates and just makes things more complicated is terrible.


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