Insidious: The Last Key (2018)


Insidious: The Last Key

Is this finally going to be the last one? I mean Transformers: The “Last” Knight fooled us by having that word in the title (good grief at still carrying on with those films). I really hope Insidious is on its way out because the fourth film has shown the wear of the franchise and also shows that its gone to a point where it is bereft of ideas, scares, and lacks the fresh energy that the first one had. It surely has to be time to say goodbye to this film series.

The film follows Elise in a second prequel to the first film. In this film Elise revisits her childhood home where she once opened the door to a demon who murdered her mother and was the cause for years of torment for her and her family. She also reunites with her younger brother all these years later and tries to figure out what the heck the last key is. Ermm, its hard to give a summary of the plot because its stupid and makes very little sense.

I think Lin Shaye is great in this film and works well as a leading lady at 74 years old. She’s literally the only saving grace. There are few “scares” and when they come they are disappointing and tired. The build up to the suspense is way too long that you are too tired to even care anymore. The story is all over the place, and the resolution to the demon going away is stupid and haphazard. Also throw in awkward geeky sidekick ghost hunters who have uncomfortably weird moments and interactions with younger girls.

I didn’t expect anything amazing because this is a January release after all but this is a gigantic disappointment to a first film with so much potential. All I ask for is a decent horror film that could make for a good time in the theater, but this film fails at the basic principles of a horror film. Insidious needs to bow out because its finished after this heaping mess. Surely we won’t be getting another one?


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