Proud Mary (2018)


Proud Mary

New year, so this is actually the first new theatrical release that I’ve checked out this year. I thought this looked like it could be a nice action film with a bad ass female lead, much like Atomic Blonde. At the very least, an enjoyable mindless action film would have sufficed. Unfortunately, I’m pretty disappointed with this effort.  The guy who brought you the horrendous London Has Fallen brings another misfire. I’ll tell you why this film is not worth your time of course.

Mary a hitwoman who works for a family involved in organized crime takes in a kid whose father she has recently killed. Taking him in for protection has caused waves and her own organization is on high alert to see who committed such an act. She must do what she can to protect the child while at the same time keeping his identity away front the already suspicious party she works for. Even witha  rather tame plot, I was hoping for other set pieces to work in the films favor, sadly that does not happen.

I like Taraji P. Henson, and really liked the idea of her being a gun wielding badass. She doesn’t disappoint in this film, which is great. Her talent is not enough to carry a film that can’t keep you interested. The film has tame and ineffective action, which doesn’t always come. The film spends too much time getting into Mary’s relation with the family instead of being a stylish action film that is fun. Also, this whole story is incredibly dull. A lot doesn’t go on and it becomes a tedious chore trying to make semblance of a story that you can’t care for.

Of course its January, a month that historically serves up terrible films but I wanted something good here to kick off the year. Its a stale, familiar, and frankly boring story that you want to see end quick. I’d like to see Taraji in this type of role but in a film with a competent filmmaker who can provide for a solid fun action film. Sadly, this isn’t the case here.


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