Downsizing (2017)



What an interesting concept for a film. Its incredibly creative and it makes you think about how the world would be if downsizing was actually a plausible thing. Healthier for resources, spacing, agriculture, and you could live more lavishly with less money. I would probably consider it. Getting back to the film though; it was unfortunately quite disappointed. A film of two halves with an entertaining first and a boring tepid second act.

The film follows Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) who decides that becoming smaller would be suitable for him and his wife, especially because he’s in a pinch for money and is looking for change. On the day of the procedure his wife chickens out, leaving him alone to try out the massive change in lifestyle. Everything seems great at first, until Paul notices the underbelly of downsizing and some of the negative consequences involved.

I thought the first half was very intriguing. The concept, as mentioned earlier, is innovative and left me curious. The film does a good job of showing the procedure and how life is once you are downsized. Its quite good until the time Matt Damon takes drugs at a party and is passed out on his neighbors floor. Then the film just changes. It becomes too politically charged about differences of social classes and how the other half lives. This is fine but it didn’t work in this film. The last act is going to make your head scratch and you will wonder how the film even got to that point.

Brilliant idea, poor execution in its finale is the only way to describe this. Hong Chau is quite great in this, and deserves her praises but once her character gets involved the film has much less to do with downsizing and more to do with a film that means to well and is trying to wrap things up in a cheery way filled with love and togetherness. I know Alexander Payne is capable of better which is why I’m disappointed with the writing in this. The film is overlong especially with a second and third act that seems bizarrely placed and is not as interesting.




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