A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)


A Bad Moms Christmas

If you’ve seen Bad Moms, you’ll remember it to be a mediocre effort with a few laughs here and there. Well that film not only gets a sequel, but one that is more festive themed. The film came quick and a little out of nowhere, though I was interested how the film would fare with its holiday theme. I like raunchy holiday films, they can be a lot of fun. Or completely terrible. A Bad Moms Christmas kind of falls in between the two. Its not really an improvement over the first but does enough to be a time killer with a few laughs.

Our three lead moms are back but this time its almost time for Christmas and the moms of the moms all drop by. There are character flaws in all of the mothers. Whether it be abandonment, too much attachment, or a resounding coldness the moms and their daughters do not see eye to eye. A bit of chaos ensues as the character try to find a way to co-exist and come together for the holidays. That plot summary must have sounded confusing as hell. Its a rather simple plot though, not overly original but sufficient for what the film offers.

The film has crude sexual references but fewer than that of its predecessor. For an R-rated holiday film its surprisingly tame. The laughs don’t always come but I do remember laughing at loud twice. The introduction of characters played by Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski, and Cheryl Hines is a good touch because they provide the audience engagement and do provide the laughs. The film does not avoid cookie cutter plot resolutions and doesn’t really remain creative but its fine.

The film isn’t going to rank anywhere on the best holiday movies of all time. You won’t remember it in a few days after watching it. It’s not really worth a watch, but if you are a movie pass crusader like me who watches everything you’ll find that the film is somewhat decent and provides for mild entertainment. I do hope the series rests here because I can see a supposed third film run out of steam fast.


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