Suburbicon (2017)



This may be a good time to say I’m not really that crazy about George Clooney. Most of his films aren’t good, the best being the one where he is in it for five minutes and then floats away and dies (Gravity). He’s also a mediocre filmmaker. I sort of kind of enjoyed The Ides of March mostly because of Ryan Gosling. I didn’t think Suburbicon looked that great, but being written by the Coen brothers meant it had to be watched. This film is very eh, as expected.

The film is about a suburban couple living in the midst of racial tension in a town that normally doesn’t see much violence. A man’s wife is killed and he then starts a relationship with her twin sister (played by Julianne Moore in a momentary dual role). The hitmen who killed her keep demanding money from the man, and nothing is what it seems in this strange family. The man’s son witnesses these atrocities and starts to realize that his dad and aunt may not be who they seem.

The twist in the film is straight up stupid. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and is very underdeveloped. There are sharp moments in the Coen’s writing but it pales in comparison to some of their best. The clever wit and dark humor isn’t as present in this. This film also tries to get involved in racial tension which honestly doesn’t serve the plot well and everything just seems so distracted. There isn’t a whole lot to praise outside of young Noah Jupe and Oscar Isaac in an outlandish cameo.

I don’t know where this ranks among Clooney’s filmography. I mean, nothing he’s done is really outstanding. This might be somewhere near the bottom. Not as bad as Leatherheads though, which is the worst thing ever. The film fails in plot delivery, is socially unaware, and just cannot bring the humorous fun. I’d like to pretend the Coen’s weren’t involved in this.


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