American Made (2017)


American Made

Tom Cruise back flying planes again? I’m down for that even if there isn’t any Kenny Loggins to vibe to. He’s had a terrible time this year starring in the ill-fated The Mummy, so I was hoping for something better this time around. A very positive instrument for the film was having Doug Liman at the helm. I’m a fan of him so had faith that this would entertain. Overall, its not amazing but is decent enough with a typically good Tom Cruise character performance.

The film is based on the true story of Barry Seals, the former pilot who gets hired by the CIA to initially get surveillance photos in Central America. However, Seals soon gets drawn into the life of transporting drugs, goods, and weapons to armies and different dealers. He becomes affiliated with the Medellin  Cartel and starts doing business with Pablo Escobar. Things get out of hand and he becomes wanted by the FBI and DEA. Seals becomes rich but the costs that come with it become overbearing.

The thing I like about Liman is he can work a decent script and works well in close quarters with a minimalist script (this is me basically praising The Wall). I found the events of the film interesting and a bit astonishing, especially if all the government agencies got involved in the ordeal the way the film portrays. Tom Cruise is good in it and makes it worth the watch even when the film falters. His cockiness and energy given to the performance is a strong point.

There’s a lot going on in the film and you have to keep up with the things Seals is told to do. I found Domhnall Gleeson’s “agent” character mysteriously enticing, though was sad to hear that there’s no real factual basis for the role. Overall, its not exactly a must see but a committed Cruise performance and rich real life basis makes the film a positive viewing experience.



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