Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)


Transformers: The Last Knight

Where do I even begin? Michael Bay once again returns with this loud, overproduced, overlong, over-plotted summer blockbuster. There was a time where I did enjoy the series. It was always dumb but the first two films were highly enjoyable. Even Dark of the Moon had its fun moments. That’s where the films should have retired. The fact that we had a haul of the characters and got the giant mess that was Age of Extinction was bad enough as it is, but now we’ve got an equally bad, no wait, actually worse film to talk about.

The plot is the same old. Humans and transformers at odds for the millionth time. Optimus Prime stumbles home to Cybertron where he meets Quintessa,  a being who controls him and makes him attack autobots. There is also a terrible tie in with history as King Arthur and Merlin are both tied in to the story of ancient wars of the Transformers. Some members of the original three films returned, the rest were wise to stay away from this.

The film is once again clunky, mindless and loud. I was able to enjoy the first few films even with all the overbearing action because there was a fun element to the plot and the characters and also because the plots made sense. Now things are so garbled, there are way too many robots (more than you can ever care for), the humor falls completely flat, and the action literally bores you to death. As always the fight scenes are of epic nature and mostly look nice but I think we’ve all collectively had enough.


These films are still way too long. Its ridiculous how they try to tie these Transformers into other events of the world. Michael Bay has done some decent stuff back in the day but he’s lost the plot carrying on this nonsense. Thankfully this is the final Michael Bay film in the franchise. However, on the other hand this series is unfortunately not dead yet because they’ve got a Bumblebee spin-off and more possible films coming.  Kill it with fire!


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