The Mummy (2017)


The Mummy

The Universal Monster’s Universe/Dark Universe is a thing now and we have to live with it. I do like a few of the original Universal monster films. Dracula, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, Creature from The Black Lagoon; all quite enjoyable films. The trailers for The Mummy didn’t exactly look amazing but it seemed like we could be getting a solid summer popcorn flick. Unfortunately, the film was dreary, overabundant with computerized imagery,  and has nonsensical and weak story writing.

The film is about the revival of an ancient Egyptian princess named Ahmanet. She is accidentally revived and is after Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise), who she wants to make immortal or something like that. The plot of this film is actually pretty confusing and messy. They writing reeks of overwriting and over-complicating what should be really simple. The main weakness of this film is just how mediocre the writing is. There is no comical humor (as with the Brendan Frasier Mummy trilogy) the film doesn’t have fun anywhere.

I don’t mind Tom Cruise action films but this and Jack Reacher 2 have really missed the mark. I liked Sofia Boutella as the lead mummy because she has an alluring and sometimes nefarious look in her eyes. Jake Johnson and what happens with his character and how he is present throughout was just weird. Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll is a bit of a head scratcher and his Mr. Hyde was a massive disappointment There is a lot of undead action and some of it looks great. For example, the smoke coming through the city and causing mass destruction. Everything else, not so much.

The film just felt like a majorly shoe-horned attempt at creating this universe (obvious calls to the other monsters in the universe didn’t exactly help). The ending sucks and isn’t worth the payoff after wasting your time for a near two hours. The universe will have the time to get better. The DC Extended Universe was off to an awful start and then Wonder Woman came along and it put it back on track. It could happen here too. Lets learn from this mistake though. Ominous signs though as it seems no one is sure what to do with this Universe. Wasn’t Dracula Untold supposed to be the start of it? And why exactly is Bride of Frankenstein the next film in the universe?


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