Frank and Lola (2016)


Frank and Lola

I’ve heard of this film but never decided to check it out. Now that I sometimes go the library (who even does this?) to rent movies I saw it and picked it up. The first intriguing thing about this film were all the very positive reviews for the director, the cast, the style and the deliver of the plot. I don’t see Imogen Poots in many things but there is definitely talent there. Don’t get me started on Michael Shannon. He blows you away in Take Shelter, and did a fantastic job on Boardwalk Empire. The pairing seemed a little odd at first but you soon realize how greatly they are able to complement each other.

This film is about a jealous and possessive man and a damaged and lonely girl who fall for each other and their oft volatile relationship when its being tested. Frank (Shannon) starts suspecting Lola of an affair and it starts to consume him, while Lola (Poots) tries to cover what she’s doing by not being straight up with Frank. Problems ensue, and we are in for a pretty riveting time. I’m not going to praise Shannon anymore but I do have to say he is great in a inquisitive and jealous lover role. Lies are exposed and you can’t help but feel a connection with both leads despite their very overt flaws.

Director Matthew Ross is clearly influenced by a few directors works and it shows. I got a few Brian De Palma and Hitchcock feels although many others would probably claim different influences. The films is slightly erotic, moody, and makes you question what the truth is. Ross never really outwardly lays the plot in front of you and let it marinate. Each minute that goes by you can’t help but second guess what you previously thought.

Its a really promising debut for someone that I’ve previously never heard of. The film is quite short but a satisfying portrayal of a relationship that is marred by jealousy, paranoia, and angst. It’s not exactly what I expected but I did really enjoy this outlook. Relationships are not always easy peasy and sometimes its nice to get a take of a film that revolves around sex and the possibility of cheating, Seek this one out and watch it, its worth your time.


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