Power Rangers (2017)


Power Rangers

I still remember watching Fox Five as a kid and for the first time seeing the series premiere of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I was amazed as a five year old seeing this show and instantly got hooked. The first Power Rangers movie was a film that definitely defined my childhood. It was instantly quotable and campy fun. When I heard about this film I had zero hopes. I haven’t kept up with the show beyond the first two or three seasons as a kid and expected a reboot for the film and franchise to be a failing venture. I was actually surprised that this film was actually entertaining. There were many problems with it but I think the origin story was done quite well.

The film follows five teenagers who band together one night and discover mysterious power coins at an old mining site. They soon discover these coins are responsible for  giving them superhero powers. They soon discover an ancient alien spaceship where they are grouped by Zordon to become the Power Rangers and stop an ancient Green Ranger who turned rogue named Rita Repulsa. Rita is trying destroy the planet and is in search for a crystal that will do so. She’s also harboring the towns gold to create a giant gold monster named Goldar.

First off, the film took some liberties with the characters. Rita is now a former ranger who lost their way and Goldar is a gigantic and destructive creature (rather than the buffoon follower of Rita in the series). We also learn much about Zordon’s origins. The rangers also are more socially updated. One of the rangers is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and another ranger is a lesbian. They also shifted things around (finally changed the Black Ranger being Black!) None of this was problematic and was actually fairly entertaining.

The film does suffer from too much inactivity where the characters try to bond together and find themselves to morph into their armored ranger selves. The main battle also is a bit disappointing as I felt it was a little too anti-climactic. Still, This exceeded my very low expectations. I don’t see a sequel coming despite the film setting up for it, the film was a major box office disappointment. Oh yeah, look out for some special cameos.


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