Wonder Woman (2017)


Wonder Woman

While the DC Extended Universe has been much maligned (quite understandably), Wonder Woman seemed to be the great hope in the universe. I didn’t hate Batman v. Superman as much as everyone else seemed to hate it, but the film was very flawed and could have been way better. For me, the best part of that film was the introduction of Wonder Woman to the film world. People wanted to criticize Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman before they even got to see her. I’ve heard it all from “she’s a no name actress” to “she’s not busty enough for the role.” Having now seen Wonder Woman I think those arguments has to be put to rest as she brings the character to life and completely embodies Wonder Woman.

The film is an origin story of Wonder Woman. We first find out how Diana of Themyscira came to be. We learn of the land of Amazons and how one day a pilot crashing into the island (played by Chris Pine) would change her life forever. She leaves with him, in a  backdrop of European World War I, to London in order to find Ares (God of War) to end the war and the evilness of man. While her mission may sound ludicrous, it turns out she’s not far off from the truth in what she seeks. Along the way she comes to grips with her power, her love for Steve Trevor, and what she must to do to stop the war and end suffering.

I’m quite a fan of Wonder Woman. I don’t always read up on comics but I’ve followed what I can WW wise. I watch the show with Lynda Carter on a weekly basis and have tried watching as many animated DC films with Wonder Woman as a can. I was pleased with this addition to the universe of Wonder Woman. Its the first good DC universe film (since it started with man of Steel). You won’t see dark, somber tones and colors here. This film is pretty vibrant and light hearted when it can be. The period set design is excellent for a comic book film, sort of reminiscent of Captain America: The First Avenger.

The cinematography is excellent especially at the beginning. Seeing the beautiful world of Themyscira is a joy to behold. It pops right onto the scene. For the most part the action scenes are filmed very well. I can’t think of too many issues. My main gripe was the villain of the film feeling like it was shoe-horned in just to make everything more convenient. The film is quite long so the middle passage has to do a lot with getting introduced to the team that Trevor has assembled. I also think I missed how her hero costume came to be? There also isn’t enough exposition and exploration into Doctor Poison or General Ludendorff; the film could have definitely benefited from more of that.

I thought there was good chemistry between the two leads which makes the silly and humorous moments between them work. It’s spectacular to watch Wonder Woman in action. Gadot looks great kicking butt and she completely absorbs the screen and your mind with every bullet she deflects and every giant leap she takes. The film isn’t without flaws but its definitely the first good to great DC Universe film. We finally get to see Wonder Woman in full glory and power on the big screen. If you’ve been toiling through BVS and Suicide Squad in disappointment, I think you will really like this. Its a great entry by Patty Jenkins who should really helm the sequel.


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