Table 19 (2017)


Table 19

It may not be known but it should be known that I love Anna Kendrick. I have seen every movie that she has been in and I wasn’t going to miss this. She’s actually probably my second or third favorite actress going today. I saw the trailer and thought it looked like a fresh and quirky little comedy. Its an interesting concept and having seen all of Kendrick’s other indie or less known pictures I was sure this wouldn’t really disappoint.

The film is about a group of “outcasts” who are invited to a wedding. Basically, there’s an unspoken code of wedding invitees and their importance based on what table they are sitting at. Table 19 happens to be the table of a random mismatch of people the bride and groom were hoping would state that they would not attend. Along the way the group bond with each other and figure out just what it means to be at the table and how important they actually are. Its a different type of film and provided a few laughs although they don’t always come.

The characters are interesting and its interesting watching some of their individual quirks and character flaws.  They all have something going on and are fairly awkward about it. I liked the interaction  between Craig Robinson and Lisa Kudrow. Squibb was also good and brought some heart into the film. The problems of the film lie in the film being a little too Breakfast Club. Its similar in a way of a group of motley strangers coming together and not interacting so well at first. After a certain time they bond and learn about each other and become friends. I guess it was kind of unavoidable in such a small stage setting for a film.

The film doesn’t always offer laughs and at times isn’t as interesting but I can appreciate it for a different take of a comedy capitalizing on a single setting and the awkwardness surrounding being at a table so far down in rank. I guess we can connect on some level of being at an event or gathering where we feel like we don’t really belong and everything about being there just feels so awkward.


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