Baywatch (2017)



I’m a giant fan of Kelly Rohrbach. I met her three times and at the latest time I asked her about her role on Baywatch. She said she was nervous about it, I told her she would do well and I’d be there in the theaters to watch her film debut. Fast forward a year, and this has happened. Kelly was so great and unbelievably sexy in the film which is great. That’s really not all though. I’m not gonna lie I had a bit of a blast watching this film. Its stupid and crude but its a lot of fun and gave me all of what I was expecting.

The film is about a group of lifeguards on a beach and three trainees who try to make it into the squad. Once they join the team they realize all is not what it seems on the beach. Murder’s are being covered up and drugs are being embezzled through the beach and the team must take the responsibility of uncovering what’s going on while protecting their beach. I have never seen the TV show but from what I’ve heard the film is more R-rated and a bit more comedic than the TV show. I’ll take it. I don’t care what the critics say this film was satisfying. Its raucous  and cheesy but fun. Its excessive on dick jokes, but you’ll leave. The plot is pretty predictable but I can forgive it. The soundtrack is GREAT too, although I’ll say the song placement isn’t always great.

The main complaint I have is some characters really being bland. Especially that of Alexandra Daddario and Ilfenesh Hadera weren’t developed and had no real depth.  Hadera should have had more going on and it seemed like the “love story” between her was a bit under-filled. There was longing with these characters. Also wasn’t that keen on the beauty and the geek scenario that was hammered in. I also didn’t buy Priyanka Chopra as a villain. Hasslehoff and Pamela Anderson’s names should be taken off the opening credits just for the nostaligic surprise appearances.

I also really liked that the film was self-aware. It was aware of the climate of the TV show, just like how they mention how everyone can see people moving in slow motion. I can’t deny that Dwayne Johnson is a born movie star. Can do action and comedy equally and he always has great compatibility with Zac Efron (he always does well in the buddy scenario). All the jokes don’t land but Efron provides some good comedy. Overall, there’s a few laughs, a generic and predictable plot, but its a very fun time. It’s a perfect summer movie with some 10/10 babes on the bitch. Its a lot of fun, enjoy. I hope there’s a sequel.


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