Colossal (2017)



If you haven’t seen the trailer for this film and you go in blind, you’ll be pretty shocked with what you see. The film is without a doubt pretty original and unique in its composition and its ability to mix genres and try to use its creativity to tell a story. While this works or not is a different story but I admire any type of creativity and risks in storytelling. Overall, I don’t think the delivery of this film did what was needed for its intent and its shifting moods in comedy and darkness leaves the film feeling imbalanced.

The film is about a recovering alcoholic, named Gloria (played by Anne Hathaway), who has a breakup and revisits her hometown. There she meets her old friend (played by Jason Sudeikis). Gloria starts realizing some weird occurrences in Seoul, South Korea. A giant Kaiju appears in Seoul and she soon realizes that that Kaiju is her. Whenever she steps into a playground her body and actions are enacted by a giant monster at the same time in Seoul. Oscar (Sudeikis) is a giant robot in Seoul whenever he steps into the playground and tries to cause destruction (not only in Korea but also in Gloria’s life).

Its hard to really explain what goes on in the film but its simply understood if you watch the film. As I mentioned earlier I liked how creative the film was although I think the trailer seemed to represent a much more comedic take while this film is quite dark and dramatic in its delivery. Its hard to really get into the fun of the idea because of the themes of manipulation and mental and physical abuse. The monster and robot in the film looked pretty cool though and I had a flashback of Pacific Rim while watching. Vigalondo definitely knew what he was going for but I’m not sure if it always works.

Anne Hathaway or Sudeikis don’t really have to put in a lot of effort for their performances but its still great stuff all around. I did like the explanation of why the monsters appear. i mean its still fantastical but at least it attempts to make some sense of an inexplicable occurrence. In the same way the ending also is a great way of dealing with the major conflict of the film. Overall, in rating I’ll be generous to the film for its creativeness and explanation of origins of the monsters, however the film isn’t always a blast and cannot always avoid feeling dreary.


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