Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Of course I was going to seize the opportunity to use this amazing poster of the gorgeous Eva Green for this post. I re-watched the first Sin City the other day and recalled how much I enjoyed the style and the different stories and characters portrayed in it. The sequel was a long time coming but when I initially saw it I thought it was rather disappointing and far off the standard of the first. I still kind of feel that way but hey I might as well share why this time.

The sequel is shared in the same format as the first with a few stories, some take place prior to the events of the corresponding segments in the first film, others afterwards. There are character changes (most notably a switch of Josh Brolin for Clive Owen) but many from the first film return. There are also a few steamy addition like Jun Temple and the very SEXY Eva Green. I wasn’t sure I wanted a sequel because like most sequels, I thought it would pale in comparison to the original. This is the case with this film.

Some of the segments are entertaining. Others not so much. For all the style and blood and violence this film offers, the stories can’t help but feel dull. The A Dane to Kill For segment was fabulous looking and so well performed by the sultry Eva Green, but the rest itself was overlong and dreary. The final segment and showdown between Nancy Callahan and Roark was also disappointing. The film and segments definitely could have used more thought out writing.

The film is style stylistically excellent. Its a joy to look at on screen and still has an excellent comic book neo-noir feel to it. The bloody violence is still on point. The main pitfall is not being able to avoid to cap on the stories and brilliance in the stories of the first film. It wasn’t without effort, but Robert Rodriguez has still yet to make a good sequel (at least in my honest opinion). Its still a decent to good film but it could have been much better.


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