Unbreakable (2000)



I saw this film many years ago and decided to check it out again. I re-watched a few of M. Night Shyamalan’s films this year and just wanted to run through the very best of the lot. Having seen Split earlier in the year and learning of the sequel to Unbreakable coming out soon I think it was just time. I really love The Village and Signs from M. Night, in recent years his films have tanked but in the past he made some really solid work. Unbreakable isn’t as good as those two mentioned earlier but its pretty great.

The film is a superhero movie about a man who is unbreakable. He has super strength and radar to track criminals, and also can survive accidents without breaking a bone. On the other hand there is a man with a rare genetic disorder where his bones break very easily, he is aptly named Mr. Glass. Mr. Glass encounters David Dunn (the hero played by Bruce Willis) and lets him know about his powers. From there Dunn starts to realize his potential and what it means for him and his family. He also puts his powers into action and uses it to catch bad people who are committing crimes against humanity.

This film is not perfect but its incredibly crafty and smart. Its such a subtle superhero film that really is well thought out. Having two opposite men who are on different ends of the spectrum, in terms of what their motivations are and their physical predispositions are is brilliant. M. Night was honestly a master of creating a gripping story with a twist in his early days, and this wasn’t an exception. You get two really good performances from the two leads and also feel like the characters are quite strong and memorable. The film does delve into some scary bits, especially when Dunn finds out the crimes of some of the people he interacts with.

This is no Village or Signs, or even Sixth Sense but Shyamalan reunites with Bruce Willis for quite an engaging effort that really is a tribute to comic books and the comic book structure. Its also got a wonderful score to boot. Its very easy to get lost in the film and I just love the way key plot points are drawn it and sucks you into the mood of the film. I would recommend checking this out because its one of the finer efforts from a director who was once great.


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