The Funhouse Massacre (2015)


The Funhouse Massacre

This is the first time I’ve seen Shout Factory actually distribute a film. I’m a bit of a BluRay enthusiast, so I know of this film through seeing the title in other peoples collections. I’m very into all types of horror films and am willing to give anything a chance. Even if its of the cheesy variety, I can find a way to enjoy it since I’m very open to it. I didn’t really know what tot expect from this one but I can’t say I’m overly amused, however it has its moments which make it fun.

This film is about a group of psychopath killers who escape from prison after they are broken out. They inhabit a local funhouse carnival and go on a murderous spree of killing while there. A group of dead end working restaurant workers also go to the funhouse and we follow the chaos that ensues. We also get a cool cameo from Robert Englund and even Jere Burns stars in it.

The film is low on plot points, its just a giant free for all murder spree after a while. There isn’t any real depth to anything going on and this is fine as a brainless gory horror film. The film has its comedic moments, it was definitely going for that comedic horror element. I do kind of like carnival theme based horrors so I did enjoy some of the setting and how it creeps into the films mood. Don’t question the ending, its really dumb but its basically the ridiculousness of horror films of the heydays reimagined for a modern film.

The film is quite gory. It has head ripping, limp cutting, blood spouting brand of body horror. Its not gonna appeal to everyone but I have no problem with this and thought it worked well in this film. The protagonists are kind of one dimensional but so are some of the killers. You don’t really get a glimpse into motivations or extended backstories but who really cares? The film definitely tried to market some of their villains. Like the main psycho clown killer and the Harley Quinn knockoff (aptly named Ms. Quinn). I think this can possibly be a cult classic in the future, it has the ingredients for it thrive in that niche.


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