Logan (2017)



The final Wolverine has come and gone and the review for this seemed to indicate that was one of the best superhero movies of all time. While I don’t necessarily agree with this I think the film was an interesting approach to a fan favorite film hero and a balls out action heavy conclusion to the Hugh Jackman fronted Wolverine era in the X-Men franchise. It will please many people but I hope we have reached finality with the Wolverine character before Hollywood goes crazy for a reboot.

This film follows Logan who is now older and weaker. The adamantium skeleton is slowly killing him and he lives in a dystopian future where no mutant has been born for 25 years. He meets a young girl who has the same powers as Logan and has been bred from DNA garnered from mutants. The first thing that must be said is that this is a very different and more somber approach to a popular superhero. He is beaten and near broken but fighting with whatever kick is left in him. While I appreciate this more unique take in the Marvel universe I don’t think its as stellar as people make it out to be. That’s not to take away from a solid film in the hands of a director who knows what he is doing.

Its a pretty violent film, its expected from an R rated action film regardless of it being in the Marvel world. The fight scenes are intense and don’t really let you down. The film is pretty simplistic and doesn’t attempt to accomplish more than it should. Its pretty emotional as well. I would have liked more connection with some of the other characters of the X-Men franchise but this was all about Logan and that’s probably the best way to go about it.

The film is long which i think kind of works against the film as the film could have been perfectly fine 30 minutes shorter. Logan isn’t really my favorite Marvel character nor is he my favorite X-Men, but its hard to deny the giant impact and perfect casting that Hugh Jackman brought to this character. He seriously brought it to life, which is why I hope they let Wolverine in film rest because we don’t need another Spiderman situation going on here. The film isn’t amazing but its a different approach and a fitting farewell to a beloved character.


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