Tales of Halloween (2015)


Tales of Halloween

This isn’t the time of year for a Halloween centric film. Horror films are just nice any time of the year. I love horror films and love how great they can be when done right. Tales of Halloween is one that didn’t gain a lot of traction. I heard from others about this film and I recall they liked it. I don’t mind horror films that are in the anthology format with a bunch of different stories. Unfortunately this one doesn’t really stack up to the better ones out there.

So Tales of Halloween is comprised of ten stories that don’t real;y have a giant overarching theme or moral, apart from giving trick or treaters candy? Its hard to really discern a purpose for most of these segments. Even putting that aside some of these segments are just cheap crap that feel like they were put together in a matter of minutes.

Horror anthology films sometimes work really well if the segments are well written and memorable. That’s why I absolutely love Creepshow. Even modern films like V/H/S and Trick r Treat have well told ideas and craft. With Tales of Halloween you get ten sort of pointless stories that are bereft of ideas or any real creative spark. Its lazily hashed with no real story or moral, there’s a definite sense of randomness with these segments. It doesn’t even enter so bad its good territory, which is quite the shame.

I’m always actively searching for films that will become classics for me to watch during the month of October. This is not going to be one of them. Its completely forgettable, I’m certain I’m having a hard time recalling all ten segments. Horror anthology stories are a good idea for film but there has to be some wit and clever writing to it; not just a blood fest of mashed nonsense that serves no real purpose. An utter disappointment, skip this film.


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