Sleepless (2017)



Here we have a sort of under the radar film, that comes out early in the year. Its a Michael Mann’esque film starring an actor he likes working with; Jamie Foxx. While you have to set the bar low with films like this and just go into it looking at it as a popcorn action film, you do require some enjoyment from said film. Luckily, I think this film was mindless fun and makes for a decent time, especially if you just want to turn your brain off and watch something.

The film follows Vincent Downs, a cop whose son is kidnapped by men who want Downs to return cocaine that was stolen from them. What we get is a fairly fast paced but often generic action thriller where Downs has to target these mobsters, rescue his sons life, and also escape Internal Affairs agents. While the film is nowhere near perfect it offers enough action and fun to keep you entertained.

Jamie Foxx works as an action star. Michelle Monaghan is always good to see (and nice to look at). The villains aren’t exactly strong and kind of fall into a generic category. The film does try to be a little over sentimental and over-dramatic. However, the action scenes are quite nice and tide you over when other things are lacking. Its the bare minimum you would expect from a film of the sort.

Overall, this film fell off the wayside as an early calendar year release but its honestly not so bad. Its not an essential viewing but mindless fun is what we all could use sometime.



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