The Nice Guys (2016)


The Nice Guys

I had to watch this film again because I found it hilarious on the first watch. Shane Black has bounced back with a wonderfully crafted 70s era buddy comedy. It has a noir edge to it, showing that Black has a real love for cinema and the film at times feels like a callback to noirs of the earlier eras. What makes it different is the comedy and the wit in the dialogue. The subject matter is serious but the film never takes it self seriously. A dedicated performance from the main cast makes for a joyous good time.

The film is about a private investigator and hired muscle who come together to investigate mysterious circumstances after the death of a pornstar. They chase after a girl named Amelia who is on the run and has people after her. Once the dots start connecting they realize that there is a link between all the events transpiring and that they try to get at the source. Firstly, I gotta say that Gosling and Crowe have an insurmountable chemistry and they play off each other well. I’ve always wanted to see Gosling in a comedic role and now I know that he can pull it off very well. Angourie Rice is also brilliant in the film and will definitely use this film as a stepping stone to further stardom.

The film excels in capturing 1970s era Los Angeles, so there is a real authenticity to the film. Some of the crazy plot points aside, the writing is clever and sharp, the dialogue is humorous and witty. The characters may not always be so fleshed out but they not only mesh well but are identifiable. The film tributes the noir element and brings forth a very interesting plot. There’s even enough action and violence to really round out a fun filled good time. I think I’d really like to see Shane Black pursue similar projects as this film really showed to me that he can excel at telling a great story set in a sort of “buddy cop” atmosphere. The film is instantly quotable and memorable.

The only real downside of the film has nothing to do with the film itself. I’m just sad that this film tanked in the box office and made a mere 7 million more back from its budget. I wish more people watched this upon release and gave it a chance. I hope someday we see a sequel as The Nice Guys agency seems to be something with some real life to it. I would recommend this film to everyone, I’ve seen it twice and the second viewing was just as good as the first.


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