Collateral Beauty (2016)


Collateral Beauty

Collateral Garbage. Seriously. I’m going to break this down though. When I first saw the trailer for this film, my immediate thoughts were “wow this looks like a really emotionally manipulative film”. And that is exactly what it is. But its even worse. This film was panned by most critics and I can see why. However, being the film lover that I am I decided to watch it to form my own opinion. Boy oh boy, I wonder why so many credible actors took the role for this film.

First things first, the trailer for this film is incredibly misleading. Talk about manipulating right off the bat. Love, Death, and Time are three actors hired by Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, and Michael Pena to follow Will Smith’s character and prove that he is crazy so he can give up his position in a flailing company. Why is the company failing? Smith’s character recently lost his daughter to a rare disease and has been depressed and unfocused since. While the film may sound like it has heart, it does not. Its so misguiding and you can’t even forgive how ridiculous the premise of the film is.

I hate when trailers set you up for a certain film but then throw a bad curveball. This is the case with this film. I also feel bad for the acting talent (Knightley, Mirren, Winslet, Norton) who probably didn’t look at the script before signing on for this film. I think Will Smith is a solid actor but he almost always picks bad films (especially recently). This film becomes downright infuriating at times. I can’t get into it much because it would spoil the film but wow the end of this film is so, so stupid. There’s multiple “twists” for the sake of being quirky but its really bad writing.

This film is so misguided. The writings bad, I think someone should have checked it and edited it before putting it out there as the final product. If you are interested in the film based on watching the trailer be forewarned, that this film will pull a punch on you. Its an over-emotional, sappy, and at times incoherent but convenient mess. I am so glad that my number one BAE Rooney Mara did not follow through on this crap.


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