Shut In (2016)


Shut In

I like Naomi Watts a lot but boy does she really need to pick and carefully choose what she wants to be in. I thought she was really fantastic in Mulholland Drive (probably my favorite film of all time). She’s also been in a number of great memorable performances. i  fact, shes even been in good horror in the past. Years later she’s in a really awful “horror” film that doesn’t offer any thrills or chills but rather just insists on wasting your time.

This film is about a psychologist, played by Watts, following a car accident that killed her husband and left her son paralyzed (played by Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton). She starts to think that someone is inside her house trying to harm her. Who could it be though? Her son is paralyzed and immobile? The plot doesn’t even sound interesting and there really isn’t anything in the film that you could actually enjoy. The film is devoid of any actual chills, the scenes meant to make you jump are set up in a way that is so manufactured over the years, where you know exactly what to expect.

The film just kind of throws characters into the mix and you are left wondering what purpose they really serve? Poor Jacob Tremblay, going from a wonderful performance in Room, to being thrown into something like this. The twist ending is so awful. Its half expected but doesn’t bother offering any consolation for wasting your time. There’s honestly too much going on in this film, its too busy with people and trying too hard to deliver a substantial story but it comes off really uninspired, tired, and boring. The twist also offers some really weird awkward moments too.

Check this out if you want but there’s really nothing to see here. Shut yourself out.


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