Rules Don’t Apply (2016)


Rules Don’t Apply

When I first saw the trailer for this film, I immediately felt like this would be something that I’d enjoy. A film about 50’s Hollywood revolving around a romance intertwined with the life of the very fascinating and enigmatic Howard Hughes. I can’t say I’m too happy with the final product; its a mixed bag all around. Well acted, nice set pieces, however with puzzling motivation, and poor execution.

The film is about a romance between an aspiring young actress and her driver. Both of whom are under the employ of the legendary Howard Hughes. The film does well to capture the essence of the era, which is not hard to do these days. Its got a great cast, some of the talent is heavily underutilized and minimized to glorified cameos. The lead cast are perfectly fine. I think this is the strongest Lily Collins performance to date. I was very critical when I saw her early work because she wasn’t very convincing. I also like seeing Warren Beatty on screen but maybe he should stick strictly to acting.

I’ve never seen any of Beatty’s directional efforts but if this is any indication of what his work is, then I’m in no rush to check out his filmography. The film is largely uneventful. It takes a witty and quirky humorous approach but its largely lost in the shuffle of a not so entertaining film. The actors do their part but the script fails them. Especially the later parts of the second and third act which drag. I admire Beatty as an acting talent, I will never forget his role as Clyde Barrow but I question his ability to bring forth a strong and entertaining film.

I’m still kind of enamored by the life of Howard Hughes, he was without a doubt a mysteriously entertaining figure. I think the film kind of uses his iconic character as a crutch to supplement a love story that’s not quite there. I’m disappointed because I really felt this film had the quality to genuinely entertain me. I may check out some of Beatty’s other work to see if something else can spark a fun time.


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