Fifty Shades Darker (2017)


Fifty Shades Darker

I might get a lot of hate for this but I actually liked it. Hear me out though. It’s still stupid and has incredibly dumb moments. However, the entertainment factor has been upped since the first film. The actors are more comfortable in their roles and it shows. There is also more of a charm to this film and the love scenes and cinematography are much more sleek. Its all around stronger than the first. I think your reaction to the first and the genre in general will effect your reaction to Fifty Shades Darker though.

This film picks up where the last one left off. Christian Grey tries to rekindle his romance with Anastasia Steele. Their bond becomes stronger but there are new variables and explorations of Christian’s past. But through all this the two endure and actually hit relationship milestones. This film is definitely more sweet amongst the darkness. The leads are in a happier place and they reach a place of certainty emotionally and sexually. The love scenes are more exquisite and are supplemented with great music. I love that song by Zayn and Taylor and loved hearing it during the boat ride. Some of the locality is amazing and it shows in the cinematography.

That said, the film still has narrative problems. The dialogue (while better) is still cliched and predictable. Motivations are still questionable, some side characters are still thrown into the mix and so underdeveloped. Where the fuck did Rita Ora come from? Shes is probably in the first but I can’t recall right now. None of the supporting cast is there for a long time and are not given enough say. Some plot progression just happens so suddenly that you are there just scratching your head like “wtf”? Two key events (if they can even be called that) are so incredibly stupid. The film isn’t that smart at times but lets face the truth. Its based on probably very awful books so something must be going right if the film is somehow enjoyable.

I know I’m in the complete minority with liking this film. I think the first is a guilty pleasure and kind of in the bad its good territory. Its more of the same with this film but its definitely a more unified and sleeker production. There’s not a lot of urgency in the film but I don’t know if that’s how the adapted material is supposed to be. The film somehow does set itself up for a third one though. Overall, the film is exactly what its marketed as: a popcorn date movie that ladies and some guys will enjoy as a mindless but nice looking film. Also big P.S. Dakota Johnson is a sexy, sexy goddess.


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