Gold (2017)



Well, The McConaissance had to end sometime. Its also not really surprising that it comes to a screeching halt with Gold. I didn’t really enjoy The Free State of Jones either but thought The Sea of Trees was interesting, even if it tried to tug on your emotions. With Gold you have a film that is too long, too uninteresting, and one that just fails to leave a lasting impression. its definitely a January dump film disguised as something that could be award worthy.

Gold is inspired by a true story of a down out of luck guy who thinks he strikes gold in the jungles of Indonesia, only to find out this is not really what it seems. Matthew McConaughey stars as Kenny Wells, a very awkwardly balding man who needs something big to happen and becomes optimistic when it seems like it does. This sounds a bit like a film I saw recently called The Founder, but with much less payoff. I cannot really blame McConaughey for his committed performance in the film, I just wish he would spend his time on better projects. He was on a hot streak early on in the decade and he was in great works. This is a completely forgettable film that becomes frustrating as it goes on .

There is an impressive cast, whose strengths are mostly underutilized because the film has to try to go forward with a narrative that tries to shock but is nowhere near gold. There’s nothing amazing about the cinematography, I would have at least expected gorgeous scenes of the Indonesian landscape. At times the dialogue is too subdued and slow for me, the film tries your patience. I think Bryce Dallas Howard is great but there wasn’t any real chemistry between her and McConaughey. Its just a film that everyone involved should move forward from.

Stephen Gaghan is an ordinary writer and filmmaker, I’m sorry but its true. His films subject matters do not offer enough engagement for a wide audience nor are his films really memorable. Yes, I’ve seen Syriana and stills and by that. I’m not overly offended. You got a real view of what the film would be like from the trailer, and if you thought otherwise you were chasing Fools Gold (I just had to try to pun another awful McConaughey film with a similar title here).



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