The Love Witch (2016)


The Love Witch

I still can’t believe this film was made in 2016. I only just heard about the film today but thought it was right down my alley. I love films that are innovative in style and films that pay tribute to an earlier decade. The Love Witch is about a femme fatale-esque woman who tries to find true love. She gives men potions that make them fall in love with her. Things usually take a turn and they end up dying somehow. It can be said this film offers more style over substance but sometimes it doesn’t act as much of a detriment to the film. I feel like that is something that applies here.

Anna Biller calls back to the 60’s with films of the Technicolor era. You won’t even realize that this film was made last year. Everything from the camera techniques, picture quality, costume design, background music, and even the acting make you feel like you are watching a B grade campy, erotic, horror film. If you pay close attention though, you will realize the film is actually set today. Its a fantastic presentation of an earlier era. The shots are full of color, almost Argento-esque and its an absolute joy to look at. All the technical aspects of the film are really a giant reason as to why this film should be seen.

Samantha Robinson is gorgeously convincing as a flirty modern day witch. She is alluring to look at all the way through. She’s a sexy character but in control of her own destiny. She controls the men she hooks up with. This is actually a strongly feminist piece, despite the film involving stripping, scantily clad appealing women. Sometimes the themes are a bit too overt and on the nose but it’s not really a problem (mostly because I’m obsessed with the visual beauty of the film and was distracted by it).

The film clocks in at 2 hours and the film feels like its length. The first hour is great. I’d say around the time Elaine meets the detective and goes to the renaissance fair we get a bit of fluff and padding story-wise. It’s not too big of a problem although the film is very aesthetic so I don’t think the film will be for everyone. However, if you are a film lover like me I think you will appreciate the sexy look of erotic B-movie madness on display.


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