Snake Eyes (1998)



Snake Eyes

I have watched Brian De Palma films here and there for years, but it wasn’t until recently where I really immersed myself in his filmography. Body Double is the one to beat, a phenomenal erotic thriller that stays in your head weeks after. Dressed to Kill and Passion are also top notch works that have such memorable sequences. Snake Eyes is not as erotic as the aforementioned films (although Carla Gugino is wildly ravishing in the film), however its a fun thrill ride. De Palma delves into a conspiracy involving a murder at a boxing event. Nicolas Cage is the detective at the event who is tasked with solving the crime. There are twists and turns in the film that keep the film going. The reveal occurs early but it wasn’t a problem as there was much to enjoy. The cinematography is top notch; De Palma is excellent at this. There are first person view points, flashbacks, overhead shots going from room to room. Its all done with craft. The film isn’t a magnificent marvel of cinema, however De Palma knows how to keep the film flowing. Cage as an overacting detective brings life to the film. Lets face it, we love when Nicolas Cage is like that. There are parts of the plot that could have been changed for a bit more coherency but its not much to complain about. Stay tuned all the way through to the end of the credits.

Overall, De Palma is a great filmmaker. What I really appreciate about him is his ability to branch out and try different types and styles of film. He’s had some misses throughout the years but its safe to say Snake Eyes really isn’t one of them.


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