The Edge of Seventeen (2016)



    The Edge of Seventeen

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of coming of age films. Some work really well and others do not portray a realistic experience of an experience of growing up. This just about met my expectations and was enjoyable. Hailee Steinfeld is great in it, perfectly plays the awkward and angsty teen. Its a female’s perspective of the dramas of a teenage high school life but god its relatable. I think most people will relate to it somehow. Whether its the strained relationship with a parent, the best friend who becomes the backstabber, the perfect older sibling, or the awkwardness of romance and trying to fit in in high school; there’s something there for everybody. Laughed a lot more in this film than I thought I would. The dramatic moments don’t always mesh well with the comedy but its forgivable. The best parts of the film is the interactions between Steinfeld and Harrelson. I wish there was more of it in the film. The one notable omission was not putting Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” in the film. Was very much expecting it.

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