Nocturnal Animals (2016)


Nocturnal Animals

I recall enjoying Ford’s A Single Man but not on a level where its something I wanted to go back to Having seen A Single Man a while ago, I couldn’t remember much about it. Therefore I was not familiar with Tom Ford’s style. Thus, I was impressed with this film and the style of storytelling. The film is told with three stories that are interwoven and it switches back and forth very often. Each of the timelines/universes are not only intriguing but have you wide eyed and ready to see more. Its sleek at times when set in the modern day and manages to become a Western Texas thriller when it switches to the written novel story. The performances are great, which is what you’d expect from a cast of this caliber. Adams and Gyllenhaal are great but this is the best I’ve seen from Aaron Taylor-Johnson. His portrayal of a trouble making Southern man bordering on psychopathy is quite astounding. Michael Shannon is always great in what he does and this was no exception, hes definitely more subdued in this because we all know he has the ability to go to level 11. Even got Nightcrawler psycho vibes from a certain scene from Jake in this. While this was a very fun and absorbing film I wanted another twenty minutes and was a bit unsatisfied and left wanting from the end. However, upon further reflection that ending is quite brilliant. I can’t talk about it without spoiling but this film certainly needs a second watch for its imagery and connectivity between its stories. Its layered, so it’ll be a joy to decipher.


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